This is not a review, that would be futile and besides I’m biased. The Internet – to me –  are sonic perfection; ushered out of the Odd Future collective and considering this platform  their mellow and molasses thick sultry is almost so Odd, it’s contradictory. I guess we can thank the Universe and in-house collectives for this blessing. Both tracks originally do not appear side to side on the ‘Ego Death’ album they hail from. Tyler’s trademark treble bass baritone still rears it’s head in ‘Palace’, a more jovial and almost childlike plea for affection before he (on the album version), much like a child, decides to spill a secret. “As long as you don’t tell anybody, aight? I’ll get in trouble…” and we are blessed with ‘Curse’. You would think otherwise, but on the track it makes perfect sense, the order re-shuffle takes nothing from the story each track poses.  I have a lot of reasons why ‘Curse’ especially is important and poignant to me but all in all – it’s a fucking beautiful song dude.

We first heard ‘Special Affair’ as a ‘we’re-back-bitches-you-is-all-welcome’ track prior to the album dropping and yeah, we lost our shit. It oozes sex but isn’t graphic, it’s suggestive. You’re being coaxed throughout the song. Syd is toying with you a little.

The Internet put out videos that reflect the  band’s very essence of laid back and cool. You want to be in them, not because you would be in any way of importance but hey, the kickback looks like it was lit.

In a world of broken Frank Ocean promises, it’s nice to remember he wasn’t the only introspective greatness to come from OF.