About Us.

When VSNOTEBOOK was conceived a little over a year ago, we were full of many ideas of what we would be providing, how we would be providing it and the ways in which we would be different. We  came to the realisation that neutrality has no place in what we want to do or who we want to cater for. We are a haven for opinions but why can’t, no, why shouldn’t we be outright and bold standing by them?


Who we cater to

We note what is exclusive to us but are inclusive in opening the floor for discussion. Creating something you see as necessary and without any outside help or funding is hard and it is easy to  simultaneously siphon and overwhelming what it is you want, if you try to be everything for everyone. But as with all great things the foundation is simple. We want to amplify voices.

Think of it like a bun-less burger, all the good stuff without the soft faff. It’s going to be very real.

We shan’t shy away from breaking a few eggs to make an awesome and honest omelette. That is what you deserve from us: honesty, reliability, relevance and fun. We are and will continue to strive to be a good example of these things in a space for people who otherwise have to scream to be heard.

We will be your megaphone, with the volume turned all the way up. The food analogies work here because we’re about to invite you to dine at our viral banquet in honour of fucking shit up, in the best way.


Feel like pulling up a seat at the table?


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